ASW: Double Target Switch Activator

​Price: $6.00

Will activated switch logic when connected to Double Target Signal. Connects to turnout.

Standard Block Signals Specs

  • Large Scale (1:26 Scale)

  • Brass and styrene construction
  • 10" height; Base; base 2" X 2"
  • Plug and Run modular design for easy of use and removal. Power, detector, and I/O plugs included.

  • Control board mounted in the base with plug terminals for power, detector, and ABS I/O connections (Option)

  • Automatic block signal system (ABS) for block signals with 2 modes of operation:  Simulated ABS (default): signal will change from red to yellow and green with selectable timing of 5, 8, 12, or 15 seconds); Real Time ABS: Signals will display real time track conditions i.e. current block red, preceding block yellow. Requires I/O connection between signals. I/O plug included.

  •  Infrared between the rails detector plug (included). Each Block Signal comes with one detector.

  • Double Target signals have additional I/O for Switch logic.

  • Power sources: 12 volt DC from battery or external power source .

  • For inside or outside use. It is recommended that signals be unplugged and brought inside when the operating session in done.

  • Complete Operation Manual

  • Real Customer Service

Number of Heads
Signal Type
Bridge Color
Track Config

Crossing Signal Accessories


LBB: 9 volt battery box with switch

​Price: $3.00

For AC100 - AC104 only. Do not use for AC105, 106, LCSG, LCSGL, or LCSW signals.

AC300 B&O C&O Cantilever Bridge

Double Target Signal Type
​​Double target signals have I/O wires for activation of a Red/Yellow when activated (ground).

Standard Dwarf available in three light configurations.Position Light Dwarf as shown. All aspects are yellow.

LRC:Empty Relay Cabinet for wiring etc.

​Price: $6.00


LPB: 12 Volt Sealed Rechargeable Battery

​Price: $30.00


LCB Crossing Bell with Cabinet

​Price: $30.00

Crossing bell is mounted next to a signal. It is connected to any crossing signal and is activated when the crossing signal is activated. Includes sound board, speaker, and volume control.

​​​​​​​Single Target Block Signals

​​Crossbuck with wood post 6" tall.

​LBX  Price: $4.00

Crossing sign with aluminum post 6" tall.

​LSRR Price: $3.00

Crossing Signal Detector


​Price: $ 7.00

AC100-2     AC101-2       AC102-2      AC103-2        AC104-2

LRS: Relay Shed for LPB                Price: $20.00


Block Signal Accessories

Type in A, B, C, or D for configuration




​Micro Switch for Dwarf Signals: will activate signal logic when connected to points

Double Target Signals

Fig.1 Track configuration.

Dwarf Signals

High Level Switch Stands

AC310 ATSF Cantilever Bridge

LDS-B: Block Signal Detector

Price: $7.00

All signals come with a detector. This a replacement part for the original detector.

Signal bridges can be configured for one or two track operation. The track centers for signals are 6". The bridge is supplied with an infrared detector for each track according to your configuration. To purchase a bridge you will need to supply the number of heads, head type (refer to block signals above for the head type), bridge color, and track configuration for the number of heads you pick (See Fig 1 to the right for track configuration. The bridge requires 12 volt DC for operation (no track power).

To purchase single or double target block signals select the signal type and click the Add to Cart button. This will take you to PayPal. If you want to purchase more than one of the same item change the number of items to the correct amount and then select update. The shipping charges will automatically be calculated for you at checkout. You do not have to have Paypal account. You can use you credit card to make payment.

Marker Type

LCS          LCSG or LCSGL              LCSW                   LCSZ

​​​​ Table of Contents

  • Single Target Block Signals

  • ​Double Target Block Signals

  • Block Signal Accessories

  • Dwarf Signals

  • Crossing Signals

  • Crossing Signal Accessories

  • High Level Switch Stands

  • F.R.E.D (Flashing Rear End Device

  • Bridge Signals

Number of Signal Heads
Signal Head Type
Bridge Color
Signal Config. A,B,C,or D


Single Target Signal Type

American Classic Signal Bridges

Crossing Signals

Signal Type

Power Supplies & Accessories

LHLS​:High Level Switch stand with red target or lantern with light (requires 12 volt power). Includes push rod , screws for mounting, and manual. Specs: 3" tall. Brass and other castings. 1/4th" throw.                  

​Price: with Red Target $25.00

​Price: with Lantern $30.00

All crossing signals come with one infrared detector, power, detector, and I/O plugs.​ Power (12 volt DC). Additional detectors are available for multitrack configurations. Limit of 2 tracks. Bi-directions operation.

Signals with gates have adjustable gate level. Gates select between red of black safety striping. Gates can be purchased with or without lights as well. (LCSG or LCSGL)

Large Scale Dwarf

F.R.E.D. packaged with 8 inch leads and plug,  battery box with Velcro mount and battery box with on/off switch for 4 AAA batteries (not included).